Getting through the winter months

January through March is always a difficult time in the live event industry. It’s too cold outside for winter festivals, and not a lot of bands enjoy touring Canada when it’s so cold out. I’ve been lucky enough to have some tours during these times for the last couple of years, but this year I am idle until the end of March. Fortunately, the production company I worked with for a number of years is working on liquidating most of their inventory, and I’ve been asked to help pull together a working inventory, and to repair what doesn’t work.

It is a little boring at times, but during these three months, I feel I’m lucky to have a job at all. I know this year has been rather unpleasant for a number of people who I’ve worked with. I hope that they can make a go of it. It’s never a good feeling to lose your work that you’ve been depending on, but sometimes you can get lucky and find work you didn’t think you’d be able to. Going freelance almost exactly three years ago is probably the best thing that I did, even though it wasn’t my choice at the time. The first few months can be extremely scary, but if you’re good, people will value you and you will get hired.

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