Arkells – St. John’s, NL

It’s no secret that St. John’s, Newfoundland is one of my most favourite places on this earth (that I’ve been to).

We flew in the day before the show and went to a pizza place called Pi.  I decided to create my own pizza with avocado, tomato, roasted garlic, grilled sweet potato, on a creamy tomato/basil base.  Yum.

The yummiest pizza ever.

The best pizza. Of all time.

An old friend Danna decided I needed the full tour of the city so she drove me up to Signal Hill where it was so windy I could only stand to be outside the car for about 30 seconds.

Up on Signal Hill looking out toward Cape Spear.

On signal Hill you can see all of St. John’s, and look out toward Cape Spear which is the most easterly point in Canada. Pretty awesome.

We then headed to the venue and got our act together and did the ol’ soundcheck thing. The show was at The Breezeway Bar on Memorial University’s campus. The capacity of the place is 800 and the show was long sold out. The great band from Charlottetown Two Hours Traffic were opening the show.  The venue was laid out in a wide configuration, so people crammed right in against the barricade and it made for a very energetic show. The boys hit the stage running and it was a fun set front to back which included some new tracks as well.

After the show we ended up back at the hotel and retired knowing we would have to wake up and catch a flight, or so we thought.

I woke up around 9:00am and noticed that there were some insane winds outside. With it being February in Newfoundland this did not surprise me. I immediately checked the status on our flight and sure enough it was cancelled. I then did what every other Canadian who has had a flight cancellation does: I spent an hour on hold waiting to talk to somebody at Air Canada. When I finally got through, we were only able to get out of there if we spread the six of us across three separate flights. Two guys would go at 5am, one at 6am, and the final three of us at 9am. The positive to this though was that it was executive class. Bonus.

Now if you go through my past show list you’ll see in February 2008 something very similar happened while I was in St. John’s with Cuff the Duke. This immediately entered my mind because as a tour manager I’m always trying to make lemonade out of lemons. I had already mentioned that idea to the guys saying if for some reason we get stuck, we should think about it.

Around 6pm we decided to pull the trigger on the show and we managed to get on a bill at The Ship Inn, which is where Cuff the Duke did the same thing. Our friend Jud Haynes hooked it up for us and the other artists on the bill were happy to have us.  The boys hit the stage at 11:45pm, and the place was filled.

It was a fun one.  Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland were in town for a show and they made it out. It was just another fun night in St. John’s, and we all made our flights despite how bleary-eyed we were. I know that some of us didn’t bother sleeping. I managed to get 3 hours in the hotel, and another 2 hours on the Halifax -> Toronto connecting flight.

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