Classified Prep – Day 1

So with nothing else in the way, I’ve started prepping the audio system for the Classified tour.  I decided to carry a Yamaha LS9-32 console on this tour. It’s by far the best option for this run as it’s a 32 channel console with 16 outputs, and it’s small and easy to move around. If space and weight were not a concern I would take out a Avid Venue SC48 or Profile, but since it is, I’ve gone with the LS9.

While working on a production on CMW I was able to build a console file within Yamaha’s Studio Manager software.  It’s a lot easier to configure everything through the software since the console is so compact, a lot of the settings are hidden within different layers on the desk.

Yamaha Studio Manager in action

From there, I went into Clair’s warehouse down beside Sound Academy (where we will be doing pre-production next week). I was able to turn on the console, stick my file into the console with a USB key, and start working right away. I have some MP3 files on my USB stick and with the LS9 you can play back MP3s directly onto the console. It’s a pretty cool feature. I can also record directly to MP3 as well, so in theory I can record a show one day, and play it back the next to hear the PA system with a full show mix.

Too much gear? Not enough? Just right.

The beauty of this setup is that the console is the smallest thing in the pack. We’re carrying sidefills, two wedges for our DJ, 4 channels of wireless mics, 4 channels of In-ear Monitors, and an amprack.

Some of the gear is a bit bigger than I would have liked, but it will get the job done.  I know there will be some clubs that won’t be able to facilitate this setup, but I’ll deal with that as it comes up.

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