Classified – Much Music

Today was a busy day!

After waking up late and having a panic over where I left my wallet (anyone who knows me knows how common an issue that is), I headed down to the Much Music studios on Queen St.

Stumpy decided we would be ambitious and bring in the majority of our lighting rig, and I felt we needed to bring in sidefills to help the boys out on stage. We did all this without making our call time any earlier, and thankfully it all came together. We added string players as well as a vocalist for That Ain’t Classy. It was a bit crazy but we got the rig together.

Classified at New Music Live

This setup is coming to a town near you soon, minus the stainless steel stage.

Video of the interview and performance can be viewed here.

Tomorrow is our pre-production day, and I’m looking forward to actually having a pre-production day for once. I know I need a better camera, and it’s on my to-do list. The idea of being able to post good photos up here (as well as HD video) excites me, so I will probably be doing that on this tour. Stay tuned.

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