Classified – Half Way Through.

I’m still alive!

Well we’re a little over the halfway point.  I’m in rainy Winnipeg waiting for the last straggler to make bus call and we head to Saskatoon.

It’s been one heck of a couple weeks. I’ve always thought I might be insane to tour manage in addition to mixing FOH sound, but now I know it for sure.  The shows have been great, but there frankly isn’t enough time in the day to properly do both. Thankfully though we’ve figured out a way so I can delegate some responsibilities to other folks in the camp and things are now starting to run quite smoothly.

Brantford. Oh boy.

This was what we walked into in Brantford.

The quality of venues one day to the next couldn’t be any more drastically different. We literally went from Club NV in Brantford, to The Capital Music Hall in Ottawa, to Club Soda in Montreal in the span of three days. Unbelievable.

Club Soda in Montreal

And this is a good example of how pro Montreal is.

So now we’re in somewhat of a home stretch. We don’t have any 5-show in a row stretches. We have one more show, then a day off, then a show, and then another day off. Where are those two days off going to be spent you ask? Why at West Edmonton Mall, of course! I plan on hitting the waterslides hard on the first day, and perhaps the gun range on the second day.

The tour wraps up on April 21 in Vancouver, and I will be spending an additional week in Vancouver. I’m excited to spend a well deserved week there.

2 responses to “Classified – Half Way Through.

  1. Ahh, so familiar…I can almost smell the stale beer/bleach/mustiness. Sorry that we missed you in Toronto. Allison & Holly came out to the show and directed us to some delicious post-show falafel and samosas. No poutine, though.

    Also, Tour Manager AND Front of House?!?

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