Freelance notes #1: Organization

This may be shocking, but I’m a very disorganized person. I come about this naturally and I usually have to fight just to keep things together. About once a month I lose my wallet somewhere in my apartment and have to perform a crazy search just to find it somewhere I should’ve looked.

This kind of behaviour does not lend itself to being a freelancer. I often swoon when I visit other freelance friends of mine and see how together their office space is. My office is my laptop on my dining room table with a bunch of papers thrown around.

One thing I reluctantly did was purchase invoicing software. Today this software just paid for itself 200 times over, reminding me of a couple invoices that are outstanding from two different clients of mine. One client is in Mississauga, the other is in Scotland.

I don’t have any issue promoting products on here especially when they make my life easier.  I use invoice2go on my iPhone and it’s truly a lifesaver. I used to use a Filemaker Pro database that I generated, but not having it on me is a pain in the neck, and I used to forget to mark things as paid.  Having the software on my iPhone allows me to mark things off as paid as soon as I receive them, and it keeps good organization of everything.

My next step will be to buy a filing cabinet. Or at least some filing boxes I can store on my vinyl shelves.

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