Washington – Toronto, ON

I think the best thing about working in this industry is that once in a while something comes along without any warning, and completely blows your mind. Here’s a short list of what has done that for me, in chronological order:

  • Seeing a concert for the first time: Rusty @ Mohawk College. 1997.
  • Going to a large festival for the first time: Edgefest @ Molson Park. 1998.
  • Mixing sound in a club for the first time: The Raven, Hamilton, 2002.
  • Working for a band for the first time: Cuff the Duke. 2004.
  • Going on my first tour: Cuff the Duke / The Meligrove Band. 2005.
  • SXSW. 2006.
  • My first bus tour: Hayden / Feist. 2008.
  • My first gigs as a monitor tech: Sam Roberts Band. 2009.

The list goes on and on, and as I look back I can’t help but really enjoy how things are progressing. Sometimes when things don’t feel so great, I should probably read this post over and realize that I have come a long way and I’m still building.

On that note, I have to talk about the latest artist that I’ve worked for: Washington. She’s out of Melbourne, Australia, and I helped her out for some shows at NXNE. She did four shows over two days. We did Supermarket, Skybar @ Guvernment, a private showcase, and Lee’s Palace. The beauty of working with her was that it was her playing solo, which meant it was just a piano and her voice. It made for some easy load ins and outs, and allowed me to really mix without a fight.

Washington at Skybar, June 16 2011.

She has a great voice which she really knows how to use while playing solo. She backs off the microphone at some points and really works with the dynamics of each song – it’s a lot of fun to mix.

All in all the experience I had with her was very positive. We definitely had a lot of great laughs, but that is another story for another day.

Here’s her video for How To Tame Lions.

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