Sam Roberts Band – Bobcaygeon, ON

The great thing about summer festivals is that sometimes you really do get to work on some great stages with some great crews, and this show was no exception. My friends at Metalworks Production Group were doing audio production on this one, so it was a reunion, of sorts.

The Stageline SAM555 ready to rock. 14 V-Dosc per side.

Things went very smoothly on our end. Phil was out front on the Avid Venue Profile, and I was in the white tent on the stage left side of the stage on an Avid Venue SC48. I was tucked into the very rear of the tent behind many racks of gear, so I spent the better part of the set standing on the other side of my console so I could be seen by the band a little better.

My viewpoint for soundcheck.

It was a wet day in Bobcaygeon. I had brought my bocce ball set in hopes that it would get used, but alas it was too soggy for it. We did break out some baseball gloves though after soundcheck. I may have thrown a couple of heaters, too. It felt good to stretch out the arm again after a couple of years. Hopefully I’ll get some more throwing done this weekend.

The muddy backstage area. Rubber boots were mandatory.

Our set came along and things went quite smoothly. The boys played an hour-long set, and the weather was playing tricks. One minute it looked like it was about to pour rain, and the next minute the sun was out and the entire stage lit up.

I only get good crowd-rockout shots with Nuge. It's only because I'm usually set up on stage left. I'm not biased or anything.

So that was that. We ended our set at 8:30pm, and promptly at 9:00pm some band called The Tragically Hip played. I think I heard a song of theirs once on the radio, but I’m not too sure.

Edit: Some great photos can be also viewed here.

What’s Next:

We hit the road late tonight and head to Ottawa for Canada Day. Expect a full report from that show as it is a strange one for many reasons, also it’ll likely be the largest show I’ve done to date. After that I end my SRB run with a show in Kirkland Lake on July 2nd. Arkells mode kicks in next week for the rest of the summer, stay tuned!

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