Shows I can’t wait to work #5: Arkells in.. Ancaster?!

I never thought I would be mixing a show like this in my hometown. At the corner of Wilson St and Trinity Road (or Highway 2 & 52), the Ancaster Fairgrounds opened up a couple of years ago. The old fairgrounds site is now covered with newly built homes, in the ever-sprawling “Meadowlands”. The Ancaster Agricultural Society really couldn’t say no, when it became apparent that the property they were sitting on was worth a fortune; enough that they could pick up and move and build a brand new facility safely out of the targets of development (for now).

The Festival of Friends has decided to leave the downtown location of Gage Park, for somewhere with a little more room, and the Ancaster Fairgrounds will be hosting it for the first year.  Arkells, among many others will be playing, and because of all this, I get to mix a show is only 4 kilometers from where I grew up, and coincidentally is directly across the street from where my father started our family business.

The best part about the show though will probably being able to jump in my folks’ pool immediately after.

I’m so lost, but I live just around the corner..

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