9900 km in 23 days.

It’s always daunting looking at maps of a tour, and no matter how many times I look at one, I’ll always be impressed. We are crossing western Canada/Ontario once more in November, and I’m super excited. Not only will it be a good tour with friends like Rich Aucoin and San Sebastian, but I also look forward to spending some quality time in Vancouver, and doing some good blog writing while in the van.

Our routing for November 2011.

I got some nice sheep-skin insoles for my blundstones, and a nice new Canada Goose parka (my last one got stolen from a venue on the Classified tour in April).

I look forward to getting some more writing done on this tour. I know this blog has seemed a little dead lately, and that’s my own fault.

Nov 2 – North Bay
Nov 3 – Sault Ste Marie
Nov 5 – Thunder Bay
Nov 7 – Regina
Nov 8 – Edmonton
Nov 9 – Calgary
Nov 11 – Vancouver
Nov 12 – Victoria
Nov 15 – Kamloops
Nov 16 – Banff
Nov 18 – Saskatoon
Nov 19 – Winnipeg
Nov 24 – Saint Catharines
Dec 3 – Toronto

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