Hayden, Cuff the Duke, Jim Cuddy @ Foodstock

When Ra Ra Riot played at the Malkin Bowl in September, we were opening for B.S.S. whose FOH mixer is an old friend. Marty Kinack has worked with a lot of great acts in his time, and he and I worked together with Hayden on a tour in fall 2008.

He asked me if I would be in Toronto for October 16, and I actually was going to be. He told me of this Hayden gig that he couldn’t do due to a tour being extended. I told him to tell Hayden that I was around, and I emailed him too just to be sure. Hayden responded and told me more about it and let me know that Cuff was his backing band, so all of the gears started to click, and it turned out Cuff was also doing their own set, and a set with Jim Cuddy.

This is what came of it:

Hopefully some more video gets uploaded soon. What a fun afternoon. Great music, great food, and a great cause. The only thing I wish I had remembered were some rubber boots.

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