Show Archives #2: Hayden – October 11, 2008

2008 was the year that really kicked me off as a tour manager. I had started tour managing in late 2007 with Cuff the Duke, and in February 2008 I decided to leave my full-time day job behind me and start my life as a freelancer.

I still remember the day that I left my job and came home and wondered what the next move was going to be. I sat at home for about 6 weeks before the phone rang, filling my schedule for the next 6 months. I let out a huge sigh of relief, and started getting to work.

We toured USA twice, did a bunch of summer festivals, and then in October we got on a tour bus and headed west to start a tour opening for Feist. The day before we started that tour in Penticton, BC, we did a show at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

Hayden has a terrific sense of humour – we laughed a lot on that tour. The beginning of this video is no exception – it’s hilarious to me, and if you know Hayden’s music at all, you’ll know what the other song is.

You can view more video from this show at my YouTube channel.

Happy Holidays to everyone! I’m going to enjoy a few days off until New Years Eve when Arkells are playing an outdoor show in Barrie, ON. 2012 is on the doorstep, and a lot of exciting things are in the works, and I can’t wait to blab on about them all!

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