Europe, finally.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. This summer was absolutely incredible, but also insanely busy.

For the first time in my life I found myself thinking that perhaps I tried to take on too much, but I don’t regret it because ultimately I ended up experiencing a lot of new challenges, despite my lack of sleep.

I started working with Lights this fall, and the first run was in Europe. I’ve never even set foot in Europe before, so I was very excited to do so, although doing so with a new client made it extra nerve-wracking. It wasn’t without its own challenges too, considering there were nights that I had to take what was normally a 36 channel artist down to 16.


There’s quite a few photos like this on my phone. Often on analog mixing consoles I have to take a photo of every knob after soundcheck so I can be sure to get the levels back to where they were after an opening band is mixed on the same channels. This obviously leaves huge room for error and is very time-consuming.

Once we wrapped up the Lights run, I hopped in the van with Arkells and drove all the way from London to Dresden (which is in eastern Germany), over a day and a half.

I found this really amusing.

Again, having never done this trip before I found the travel really interesting in some ways, and yet very similar in others. One interesting part of the trip was taking the Eurotunnel. It’s a tunnel that was dug from Folkestone, England to Calais, France.

What I didn’t realize was that it involved driving your vehicle into a train car which looked like a really intense freight car. You then park, and some doors shut between each train car, and once it starts moving, it drives you under the English Channel and 35 minutes later you’re in France.

Eurotunnel train

Our first show was in Dresden, which is not far from the Czech border in eastern Germany. Unfortunately our timing was so tight that we didn’t get a chance to check out the town square, which based on the photos I’ve seen, is very beautiful.

This tour, Arkells are opening for Billy Talent. Billy Talent are wildly successful here in Germany, so we are playing to huge crowds every night. The great thing too is that the fans here are eager and actually show up for the openers!

Tonight we played in Stuttgart, and the crowd was even bigger – it was incredible. I managed to get some time to check out the city too, which I’m glad I did.

It’s time for me to go load out! More photos to come!

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