Intern Application

Hi there,

You might be here because you’re interested in the internship I’m offering. Here’s some more details:

I won’t bore you with too many details about me. I’m a tour manager, and I work with a number of artists, but my main job for summer 2012 will be tour managing Arkells. I’ve been with Arkells since November 2009, having done too many shows to count. You can read more about me and what I do on the blog on this site.

As the band has become more and more successful, the shows have gotten bigger, and right now we’re at a bit of a crossroads. I need good help, but unfortunately I cannot afford to hire another staff member for my company (yet).

I’m looking for a motivated intern who will act as my production assistant on a number of shows this summer. I can’t tell you yet exactly what ones just yet, as most of them have yet to be announced.

Here’s a sample of what responsibilities I’m looking for my assistant to take on:

  • Merchandise management: to keep an ongoing accurate inventory count of what merchandise the band has on-hand. Most of these festivals will have local sellers, which you will do a “count-in” and a “count-out” to keep track of what is sold. I will then work with your numbers to take care of payment.
  • Hospitality: our dressing rooms/trailers will need to be stocked with various items throughout the day, and if there’s anything the band needs, then I’d like them to be able to go to you.
  • Stage set-up: One vital thing on each show is to make sure the band is comfortable on stage. You’ll be printing off set-lists, making sure the stage has water and towels, and you’ll walk the band on at the beginning of their set, while making sure everything runs on time. I expect you to have a watch or a cell-phone that is accurate  and you’ll have to let the boys know how much time they have towards the end of the set.
  • Backline: One asset that a good production assistant will have is knowledge of how  backline works. This isn’t necessary, but if you know how to tune guitars, set up amps or drum kits, plug-in keyboards, etc, that will be a huge asset to the team.
  • Guest List: Often the band will have friends that they need passes for, etc, so whatever they may need on this end, needs to be taken care of.

If this sounds appealing and you’re willing to invest some time, this could be a great opportunity.

Please click here to proceed with the application form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– Brad